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A bit about The Wells Clinic

At the Wells Clinic, we specialise in breaking the pain cycle through therapeutic clinical massage.

Fully qualified massage therapist and clinic director Cathy Wells will work in partnership with you, showing you how to take positive ownership of your health through a tailored mix of clinic-based therapy and simple home-based stretching and exercise.

Cathy treats a wide range of musculoskeletal and other conditions — among them back and joint pain, tendonitis, migraine, and stress - using a mix of techniques to meet each client's specific needs.

These include:

  • Hot stone therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Soft tissue release
  • Hydrotherapy

Whether you've been injured recently or have a long-standing, chronic condition, Cathy will help you regain control of your well-being — and if you take a lot of exercise, you couldn't be in better hands. Both competitive and recreational athletes find visiting the Wells Clinic regularly and following a simple self-treatment plan keeps them injury-free and able to push their performance to new levels.

Whatever your reason for visiting the Wells Clinic, one thing is guaranteed: you'll always go home after your massage feeling de-stressed and beautifully relaxed. That's just part of the service!

Find out more about how we work on our website or call us today on 0791 866 4879.

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It's all too easy to let a minor niggle turn into something a lot more serious, so why not take advantage of our special offer for Fleet Business Networkers?

You'll pay just £50 for an hour-long clinical therapeutic massage session* instead of our usual £60 - and there's no time limit!

All you need to do is call us on 0791 866 4879 to make your first appointment, quote FLEET50 and say you saw us on the Fleet Business Network website, and that's your discount sorted!

And meanwhile, do check out our blog for some great FREE tips on how to keep yourself in tip-top shape!

*Offer applies to first appointment only. 

Your Recommendations

  • Leila Barzey

    03 March 2017, View Facebook Profile

    I had an excellent hot stone massage. Probably the best one I have had. I went to relax - and I certainly did. People I know have been to The Wells Clinic - with more specific medical issues and have been equally pleased. Great value for money, friendly and professional.

  • Katie Shepherd

    16 July 2016,

    I have been to see Cathy a few times and my mum also goes on a regular basis, Cathy was very helpful and spent time finding out what parts of my body i wanted work on and how she could help me and the different methods of treatment. Cathy also made me feel very comfortable as soon as i arrived and had a beautiful relaxing room. After treatment you can instantly feel the difference and relief of tension and pain. iv booked my partner a treatment with Cathy as i highly recommend her and has what they call magic hands.

  • Pauls

    11 July 2016,

    Was given a massage from Cathy as a birthday treat from my friend Caroline, so glad I was given this as Cathy sorted out my back, I had hurt it about two months before and it had never felt right since that day. Cathy worked on the area that I was having trouble and also gave me an exercise ball to use on my back at home. My back is back to normal again and I did something I never do in a massage and that fall asleep for a while. Thank you Cathy.

  • Sam Swinstead

    22 February 2016, View Facebook Profile

    Cathy has been working with me since I recently had an operation on my shoulder. Not only was I in pain in my shoulder but my lower back and thigh were causing me pain - probably due to sitting and moving awkwardly to protect my shoulder! Cathy has taken great time and care to really understand what was wrong and to focus her attentions at those areas. Her massage and combination of therapeutic approaches have been hugely beneficial as well as very relaxing generally. Cathy's treatment rooms are lovely and her use of heat throughout her treatments is wonderful! Cathy is evidently very knowledgeable and the follow up mails with self help advice and exercises to do in between sessions are brilliant. They really show how much Cathy cares about her clients well-being.

  • Caroline Malone

    13 November 2015,

    I have recommended Cathy to several people and the result is always the same, they wish they had met her sooner! The atmosphere and surroundings are relaxing from the minute you walk through the door and get the welcome. Cathy is very thorough with her questions and I usually only need one treatment and follow up exercises at home to solve the problem. I have had arm, knee and shoulder trouble from jobs or my love of walking. If I do feel a twinge the exercises help immediately. She has a good understanding of the body and has been on many courses that give her different ways of tackling the problems and is very intuitive. As I live abroad now the first thing I do on my home visits is book myself in. I have had several massages in various countries. Cathy is by the far the best. Be kind to your body and book a session :-)

  • Jane

    05 October 2015,

    I have been seeing Cathy over a number of years to help with a long term back problem. Each visit is the most wonderful experience! Cathy’s attention to detail is second to none. She takes time at the beginning of each session to take a full history of general health, medications etc. as well as making notes of the specific areas that need treating. She also goes to great lengths to research my particular needs and regularly e-mails articles on massages and techniques that I can carry out myself to help maintain any benefits gained between sessions. My body responds particularly well to heat as a means for allowing deep tissue massage, so the application of hot stones is an essential and almost indulgent part of my treatment! Cathy is never in a hurry to race through an appointment and is not happy until every ache and twinge has been addressed. I cannot praise Cathy highly enough for the service she provides, and can honestly say that she has had a significant impact on the continuing improvement in the health of my back. I recommend her highly!

  • Lloyd Dickens

    29 July 2015,

    I have used the services of Cathy and 'The Wells Clinic' a few times now to help treat a couple of issues that I had and she has been excellent. Cathy is very thorough in her examination of your issues and has great experience and knowledge in so many areas so she can totally 'bespoke' the treatment to your specific requirements. I have always felt safe in her hands and coupled with the lovely location and relaxing atmosphere Cathy is very professional in what she does. I would therefore thoroughly recommend Cathy and 'The Wells Clinic' to anyone.

  • Alan Clark

    02 July 2015,

    I have used the Wells Clinic on several occasions for various issues from sore legs to neck and back problems, all due to various sports. Cathy is always very professional. She sits you down and goes through in detail the reason for your visit. From the offset it is obvious she is experienced and knows what she is doing and is able to target the problem areas. I have found the treatment always to be successful although it could take more than one session. Cathy has always suggested self-help with stretches and exercises to supplement the treatment, so I find I am learning as well as being treated. The hot stone treatment is very effective and relaxing. I would not hesitate to recommend the Wells Clinic.

  • Maite Andreu

    14 June 2015,

    In the relaxing atmosphere of the Wells Clinic, Cathy will work her magic to give your body what it needs, be it a massage to address the stresses and anxieties of a normal busy life or a treatment to address a specific issue. Cathy will work with you to tailor her approach to your requirements and after the session comes the follow up care and advice which I find exceptional. If you want a happy body, The Wells Clinic is the place to go.

  • Ruth Bass

    05 May 2015,

    Cathy is absolutely brilliant, I cannot recommend her enough. She puts so much thought and energy into every treatment, really taking the time to make sure every session is tailored exactly to your specific needs. She is professional, calming and a delight to be around, and her thought and attention are fantastic. She has helped me with a bad back and recovery from a serious superbug, and the results have been brilliant. Thank you Cathy!

  • Carmen

    06 December 2014,

    I highly recommend Cathy. She is a professional that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. Cathy assesses the problem, treats you, advises you on stretches, prevention,... and follows up with an email.

  • Dianne Parsons

    29 November 2014,

    When I went to see |Cathy regarding a complicated back problem ,I was reassured from the our very first meeting , she is extremely knowledgeable about all muscles ,bones and Myofiscial release . Cathy is very professional in her approach and does not rush you out the door, she really cares about your progress, so whatever your problem go and see Cathy you won’t regret it

  • Jemma Keen

    14 September 2014,

    I have seen Cathy at The Wells Clinic a couple of times for a bad neck as a result of a car accident. I have always found her to be very professional and helpful, even with following up after an appointment with anything we have discussed. She has also given me some usual tools to self manage my problem at home and followed up to see if any/none of the techniques have worked and suggested alternatives when required. Overall a great service and really gives you the time to sit down and go through everything so you understand it all.

  • Justin Crow

    17 June 2014,

    Cathy provides a very personal, tailored approach to my treatment. I never feel rushed during the session, unlike other practises I've visited where you are in and out far too hurriedly. The treatment itself is incredibly relaxing, which helps the overall results, and Cathy will always follow up the session with a summary email including further advice. Lastly, I believe the benefits are fantastic value for money too.

  • Gillian Clarke

    17 June 2014,

    The experience and training of a therapist gives you the results with treatment. Cathy at The Wells Clinic delivers a wonderful treatment and support afterwards that means you start to recover quickly. I recommend you to have a treatment a the Wells Clinic. Feel better and live.

  • Kerry Harrison

    16 June 2014, View Facebook Profile

    A wonderful experience from start to finish.... you feel really relaxed from the moment you arrive, as The Wells Clinic is a really tranquil place in itself. The massage I received from Cathy was both relaxing and beneficial, as she really combines all her therapeutic skills plus her obvious knowledge of how the body works, to make sure she is helping any 'problem areas' whilst still making it a lovely experience. She is also very helpful in supporting you with suggestions to give yourself self-help, something that I found very beneficial. I would thoroughly recommend Cathy and the Wells Clinic.

  • Sharon McCarthy

    29 April 2014,

    Quite simply, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Cathy knows what she's doing and gets results. Every session is conducted in the same attentive manor as the first session, including the consultation at the beginning, ensuring each treatment is bespoke to your needs at that point in time. When I first met Cathy, I went to see her for some shoulder and neck issues that I had been suffering with for quite some time. These were quickly resolved in just 3 sessions. Then 6 months ago I started training for a marathon, and booked in for some post long run work. Having done a marathon before, I had acute memories of how much muscle aching occurred from both the build up during training, and then after the race itself. I have never been so grateful to have organised some pre & post race treatments. Not only were the niggles in my hip, calves and quads put to bay before the race (and after just one session), but it seemed to make the session after the marathon far more beneficial as well. It was as if my muscles knew what to do to help themselves and recover. To give you a sense of scale, the marathon was on a Sunday, my treatment took place on the Wednesday, and by Thursday morning I was bounding up and down the stairs again as if I'd only run 10k. Cathy is now part of my training and recovery regime. I go and see her before niggles become painful issues and keep them at bay. I have been recommending Cathy to friends and family alike for several years now, and even if you have no complaints, ailments, or races to train for and recover from, go and see her for a hot stones massage and just enjoy.

  • Katy Leonard

    15 March 2014,

    I started visiting the Wells Clinic because I was suffering from pain in my elbow due to RSI from using a laptop daily. The hot stone facia massages that Cathy applied relieved the pain over a few weeks and she advised me on simple exercises that I could do inbetween treatment to minimise any further damage. I have always been very impressed with Cathy's extensive knowledge of the muscle structure and layers and amazed at how she can detect the source of the problem area by exploring the muscles at the start of the treatment. Cathy also treated my 10 year old son last year after a skateboard injury - he was very anxious and in pain following some unsympathetic physio treatment however she took this all in her stride and helped him to relax with some distraction techniques and gentle massage. I would highly recommend a treatment at the Wells Clinic for any muscle/joint injury or just some pampering in the lovely cosy treatment room.

  • Barbara Howe

    06 March 2014,

    I have been in the fortunate position of being able to use The Wells Clinic since it`s formation, and can not recommend it highly enough. I have had an on-going problem with my shoulder from arthritis for over ten years, and if it had not been for Cathy`s expertise, it would have been unusable for a lot of that time. As it is, I have recently had to have a shoulder joint replacement, and again I am able to use The Wells Clinic to great affect with the on-going recovery process. Cathy`s sympathetic, yet professional approach helps to put you at ease, and trust in her judgment as to the treatment that is best. Barbara Howe

  • Gill Lanes

    06 March 2014,

    The Wells Clinic is beautifully cosy and offers a relaxed atmosphere the moment that you step foot through the door. Cathy has a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables her to identify areas that need her TLC very quickly. Her Hot Stone Massage is to die for. Cathy also offers myofascial tissue release, which has helped my low back pain immensely. Cathy doesn't stop the moment you walk out of her clinic, she will send you e-mails detailing exercises and advise to help you further so that you can continue to support the treatment that she has carried out on your aches and pains at home. Cathy has a unique mix of professional skills. When I recommend Cathy I say she has magic hands, if you've had a treatment you'll know what I mean! So if your in need of a relaxing massage or suffering from pain, it's "SIMPLES" get you self booked into The Wells Clinic and your never look back.

  • Clare Avrili

    25 January 2014, View Facebook Profile

    I have used the Wells Clinic on a number of occasions of the past few years and every time I have found the treatment Cathy has given to been extremely effective. Her in depth knowledge, understanding and the care she takes in advising how to manage the pain with on going exercises have I am sure assisted in speeding up the recovery. I can not recommend the Wells Clinic highly enough.

  • Therese Edkins

    17 January 2014,

    I was very impressed with the level of detail that Cathy took in both understanding my aches and pains and sorting out the problem. My husband now uses Cathy for arm and back problems. We have no hesitation in recommending Cathy at The Wells Clinic.

  • Lizzie Carver

    14 January 2014, View Facebook Profile

    Cathy has been working with my back for a year now and I am far more mobile than I had been for some time, with much less pain. The combination of blissful hot stone massage with deep and therapeutic work on specific muscles works wonders and I am able to carry on the good work at home by following Cathy's expert guidance on stretching and/or exercising. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cathy and The Wells Clinic!

  • Reanne Coleman

    13 January 2014,

    The Wells Clinic is a remarkable clinic. Cathy is highly knowledgeable and has an outstanding ability of understanding and interpreting the body; no two sessions are the same since she instinctively works with you and what you're body is crying out for on that particular day. Cathy is not only highly skilled but very welcoming and friendly - we always have a laugh and I look forward to my sessions immensely. I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and problems with my quads, and sitting in an office at a computer all day doesn't help. However, since visiting The Wells Clinic, my neck and shoulders have dramatically improved and my quads are much happier. This is not only thanks to the wonderful sessions but Cathy's continued support in between, with numerous exercises and recommendations to help me further understand my body and its needs. I cannot recommend Cathy and The Wells Clinic highly enough.

  • Claire Malone

    10 January 2014,

    The Wells Clinic has helped me with a variety of problems from day to day aches and pains to whiplash. The expertise, therapy and exercises for me to do in my own time allowed me to recover quickly from the whiplash and get back in to my physically demanding job in a short length of time. I would highly recommend Cathy for her personal approach to the client, depth of knowledge and successful results. I am now much more aware of my body and regularly book myself in for a massage.

  • Eugenie Verney

    09 January 2014,

    I had been running for more than 30 years when I began training for my first serious triathlon last year, incorporating much more cycling and swimming into my schedule than I was used to. I began getting unfamiliar injuries, and tried several other treatment approaches before visiting the Wells Clinic. Cathy very quickly identified what was happening and devised a treatment programme involving hot stone therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, and home-based exercises. The injuries healed and by visiting Cathy regularly and sticking to the exercise plan, I not only completed my first triathlon but now compete regularly. Visits to the Wells Clinic now form part of my training schedule, and I can't recommend Cathy highly enough for her unique mix of exceptional professional skill, intuition, empathy, and solid commitment to working with her clients to ensure they get the right results.

  • Cristina Holm

    09 January 2014,

    Cathy is truly amazing. It is the best hot stone massage I have ever had. She has so much knowledge and will guide and teach you to maintain that good feeling you have after a session. I can highly recommend her.

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