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17 Oct 2016

Alcohol and cocktails

Yes, you are reading that right. Sunday 16th October. This marks 6 months since I last drunk any alcohol. No beers, no shots, no cocktails, nothing. NOT A DROP!

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03 Oct 2016

Obesity image

A person is considered overweight when their BMI is between 25 and 29. A person is obese when their BMI is 30 or above. In England, the current statistics show that 24.8% of all adults are OBESE and 61.7% are either OVERWEIGHT or OBESE.

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13 Sep 2016

the power of choice

my sister she said something that really made me think .... it was like a lightbulb got switched on ..read more

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29 Aug 2016

Body Transformations: How It Transforms More Than Just Your Body

We have all seen the before and after photos of someone who has transformed their body. Next time you see one of these photos I want you to take a closer look.

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19 Aug 2016

Why I Quit Playing Video Games Forever

Last year I made a tough decision. It started as a separation but in the end we decided it was best if we just parted ways.

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04 Aug 2016

21 Simple things you should do this week

PS. Number 14 is really crucial.

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06 Jul 2016

Think or visualize your way to success

Research project studied over 44,000 people and successfully proved that self-talk and imagery improved performance

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27 Jun 2016

Replace Carbs with Legumes

To reduce carbohydrate intake and boost protein intake, consider replacing starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes for the legume family such as peas, beans, soybeans, chickpeas and lentils.

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