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Is it down to you to plan this year's Christmas party?

Christmas parties at Oak Park Golf Club

Set the party date now!

That way you ensure most people are available to attend. A 'save the date' email is a good idea. You should be doing this now, if you haven't already. There will always be 1 or 2 that can't make it. That's life, assuming it's not the boss, then don't fret over it!

Planning ahead is key

Ask your team for the kind of evening they'd like - get a general consensus. Then you can speak to providers knowing what you are looking for. If you can book early, do. The most popular dates are already being snapped up.

Know your budget and stick to it

If money is an issue, remember that shared parties can provide better value than exclusive use. A larger venue helps spread the fixed costs, like entertainment, to be spread more widely. Consider the drinks bill in particular. Make sure that staff know if you decide that pre-dinner drinks and wine with dinner is to be included, but that it's a pay bar after that. The evening is a thank you for the year, so you will need to decide is asking for a contribution is suitable in your circumstances. Drinks vouchers can be a sensible way to manage a limited budget.

Diet and food

Venues will cater for different diets, but they will need to know ahead of time so they can deliver in line with your expecations. You will need to be organised to gather this information, together with any other special arrangements e.g. access. On the night, surprises are not conducive to a great evening, and it's your night to enjoy too!

Thank you speeches

It's a great time to let the team know their hard work and contribution really is appreciated. Keep it short and it's one time when you can attempt suitable humour and perhaps single people out for special mention e.g. the messiest desk or the worst timekeeper!

Have a great evening!

Oak Park Golf Club is taking enquiries and bookings for both Christmas and New Year. Contact Donna Comfort or call the club 01252 850850.

Christmas at Oak Park Golf Club   


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