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A bit about Heather Craig Reflexology

I am passionate about Reflexology and the benefits it can offer. Based at Results Health Club in Clarence Road, I am a full member of both the Association of Reflexologists and Professional Reflexology. 

Reflexology treats the whole body, combining physical, emotional and spiritual. With the busy lives we lead today, so many of us suffer from stress and it is a well known fact that many illnesses are stress related. Reflexology is a great relaxation tool and is beneficial to people of all ages. Different parts of the feet relate to precise areas in the body. By working on the reflex points it is possible to detect imbalances and by stimulating these reflexes, the circulation can be greatly improved, thus aiding the body's immune system.

Your Recommendations

  • Jan Curtis

    18 May 2015,

    My introduction to reflexology with Heather was a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and de-stressing experience and I can honestly say I felt real physical benefits from the treatment. Heather is professional, well informed and with her friendly approach was able to quickly put me at ease during our first session. I can definitely recommend reflexology with Heather.

  • Susie Hexton

    06 May 2015,

    Heather is a warm, friendly and humorous therapist with whom one feels instantly comfortable. She is gentle and methodical and as a newcomer to reflexology, I found the experience she offered very therapeutic. Susie, March 2015

  • Anne Allen

    30 March 2015,

    Heather is a kind, conscientious, intuitive and knowledgeable therapist, in whom I had complete confidence during my sessions with her. I felt so relaxed and calm both during treatment and afterwards, ultimately reaping the longer term rewards of having more energy and much improved digestion. I would not hesitate in recommending reflexology with Heather to anyone.

  • Aly

    27 March 2015,

    I found Heather’s 6 sessions of reflexology very relaxing and resulted in me having more energy. The sessions also helped me sleep better particularly for the few nights after the treatment. I would highly recommend Heather.

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