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A bit about Andrea Bremner BSc (Hons) MSc. Foot Specialist, Nutrition Advisor and NLP Coach

Andrea is a Foot Health Care Professional and provides a highly professional service where comfort, safety, hygiene and confidentiality are paramount. Andrea cares for the general health of your feet, tendering to all common foot conditions, helping you to walk in comfort and free from pain. Andrea is professionally insured and has a Clinic at Toad Hall on Albany Road in Fleet where there is ample free parking.

Andrea is also a Nutrition Advisor and writes specific dietary programmes for patients to lose weight and bespoke diets for diabetics.

Andrea is also an NLP Coach and uses the powerful tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you make changes in your personal and professional life.

Andrea offers the following services:

  • Nail cutting and maintenance
  • Fungal infections and athletes foot
  • Cracked heels and hard skin
  • Callouses and corns
  • Verrucae and bunions
  • In-growing toenails
  • Diabetic nutrition advice
  • Weight management
  • NLP coaching including issues with anxiety and self-confidence


If you need help with any of the above then please get in touch with Andrea so she can book you in for your initial consultation and treatment. Andrea also offers a FREE initial telephone consultation to determine the correct course of action for you. She will provide a listening ear, strong support and motivation specific to what you need and want to achieve.

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  • Linda Shefford

    22 September 2014,

    I have shed 17lbs since discovering Andrea a few months back. My metabolic rate has also gone up by some 14 years. I no longer feel sluggish and past my "sell by" date! Andrea has shown me how to enjoy the food choices I make without guilt and I have broken the habits of a life-time to continue to keep the weight off - I would wholeheartedly recommend to my friends.

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    17 September 2014,

    Andrea's power walking class is a fantastic way to burn calories and have fun. I have been walking with her for a year now and go twice a week. I always leave the class feeling positive and re-energized. It is a friendly group, of mixed abilities and the hour just flies by. I also attended her weight management course at the start of the year. The classes were relaxed and informal. I didn't have a lot to lose, but like most people, had found that my weight was slowly creeping up each year, and I was steadily increasing my dress sizes. The course was fun and inspiring. It deals with nutrition and fitness, as so many do, but the thing that really makes it stand out is the NLP. This is a technique that will change your thinking patterns. I had become an emotional eater. The stress in my life had made me constantly reach for chocolate. Incredibly, Andrea was able to change that bad habit and replace it with a new, healthier one. This meant that I wasn't relying on willpower, but just naturally made better decisions. She trained my mind to make me reach for a health snack and actually want it more than chocolate! Andrea is very encouraging and enthusiastic. Her fun lessons, mean that we burn off even more calories through laughing! I am now at the weight I was eight years ago. Not only that, the NLP has helped me change other areas in my life and I feel like a different person - more positive, confident and inspired.

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As an early Christmas present I am offering you £10 off your first foot treatment with me throughout November. I am a Foot Health Practitioner and have a clinic very near Fleet High Street.

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